Vernio, Prato

Vernio is situated beside a large bend in the Bisenzio river, the Apennine watershed runs through the hamlets. The earliest settlements documented in this part of the Bisenzio Valley date to Ancient Roman times. San Quirico is the capital of the municipality, home to the Casone dei Bardi, now the town hall, and the Oratory of San Niccolò.

Sala del Consiglio

The Casone, originally residence of the Bardi’s liege lords, is now a municipal building. The complex was built, on pre-existing structures, during the beginning of the eighteenth century thanks to the legacy of the count Ridolfo de’ Bardi. It has an elegant and very simple facade. The entrance room has an elaborated wooden ceiling and a flight of stairs with barrel-vaulted roof leads to the first floor where the Council room is located, with a nice coffered ceiling and many eighteenth century paintings hanging on the walls.
On the side of the building the Gallery is an ample room that once contained a collection of paintings and is now used as connecting corridor to the stairs that lead to the oratory of San Niccolò. The interior of this third building is a room illuminated by three large windows per side.

Period: Year-round (on specific days)
Capacity: 30 people

Oratorio di S.Niccolò

Period: Year-round (on specific days)
Capacity: 100 people

Galleria del Casone dei Bardi

Period: Year-round (on specific days)
Capacity: 50 people

Chiostro del Casone dei Bardi

Period: from May to October
Capacity: 90 people