Vaiano, Prato

Vaiano is the most important place in the Val di Bisenzio, and it is found in the heart of the natural area of Monteferrato. The town was lucky to have a river, whose waters have been used since the Middle Ages in mills and fulling mills. After that, towards the second half of the 19th century, thanks to paper mills and foundries, the town became an important textile centre.

Sala del Consiglio

Building built in the 50’s of a rationalist style.

Year round; 60 people

Villa del Mulinaccio

The villa was built by Cosimo Sassetti between the end of 15th and the beginning of 16th century.
Here there are also the carpentry, the wash-houses and the rooms for pressing the olives. In the patronal part it’s possible to admire the beautiful wooden ceiling and the painted walls. Between 1737 and 1738 was built the walled up garden entered by a gate with bearing pillars. At the end of the garden there is an elegant Nymphaeum with three niches decoreted by mosaics and nacres and surrounded by terracotta vases. A structure, that served as wine cellars in the lower side and as hayloft in the upper side, overlooks the garden. In a corner there is the oratory, built in 1722 and devoted to Saint Anthony Abbot.

Year Round; 100 people

Giardino della Villa del Mulinaccio

From May to September; 200 people

Tinaia del Mulinacio sala superiore

Year Round; 90 people

Tinaia del Mulinacio sala inferiore

Year Round; 90 people

Boschetto del Mulinaccio

From May to October; 200 people

Ninfeo del Mulinaccio

From May to October; 100 people