Vaglia, Florence

Vaglia is famous for the beautiful Pratolino Park of Villa Demidoff, founded on the remains of the old Pratolino Medici Villa, which was demolished in 1822. The park, albeit changed extensively and made bare over the centuries, is one of the most beautiful in Tuscany, and its English-style gardens are probably the most important in the region.

Sala del Sindaco

A 16th century structure was originally the property of Saltini family. In the middle of the 19th century the building was bought by the Corsini family, another noble family who owned property in the area, and remained their property until 1908 when it was donated to the Town of Vaglia to house the Town Hall.

Period: Year-round (on specific days)
Capacity: 10 people

Villa di Bivigliano

Built on the ruins o fan ancient 11th century castle belonging to the Cattani di Cercina family, Villa di Bivigliano was sold by Filippo del Migliore to the Della Stufa family in 1539. Built in the same periodo f the Medici villa in Pratolino, it was probably designed by Buontalenti and it is a typical example of 16th century architecture.  The property pass to the Ginori family, and later, in the 19th century to the Pozzolini family who are still today the proprietors. The villa overlooks a vast English garden and it is surrounded by a park with monumental trees.

Period: Year-round (on specific days)
Capacity: 90 people