Lucignano, Arezzo

Lucignano, in the Valdichiana, would seem like one of the many villages typical of the Tuscan countryside, but looking at it, you can quickly understand that in its spiral form, long associated with energy and life, there hides something priceless and unique. Its concentric circles seem as if they were designed by divine intervention, rippling outward like a pebble skipping on water, creating this wonder.

Sala consiliare

The Council Chamber, whose beautiful frescoes date back to 1812, it is located at first floor of the Town Hall.

Period: Year-round
Capacity: 47 people

Sala Don Enrico Marini ex Oratorio Corpus Domini

This Room is located in a building adjoining the Town Hall and the Church of San Francesco, is the widest

Period: Year-round
Capacity: 60 people

Museo comunale

Museum is located on the ground floor of the town hall inside the Municipal Museum, where’s guarded the Golden Tree, there are three rooms that can be set up for the celebration of weddings.

Period: Year-round
Capacity: 20-30 people