Figline Valdarno, Firenze

The territory around Figline corresponds to the upper Florentine Valdarno, between the massive Pratomagno and the Chianti mountains: two distinct towns, but united by the beauty of a landscape that has fascinated painters and poets. Figline was a major cultural centre during the Renaissance. The town was mentioned in 1008, when the inhabitants came down to the valley to establish Castello di Feghine. Today, the town is home to highly interesting historic sites.

Magnolia Garden, Hotel Villa La Palagina

It is a nice garden with tuscan cypres tree and a big magnolia tree. it is in front of the main villa and there is a wonderful view on the tuscan landscape

Period: from May to August
Capacity: up to 60 people

Sala Antica, Hotel Villa la Palagina

it is a typical old room with arches and old furnitures

Period: from April to May – from September to October
Capacity: up to 70 people