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Sala della Carità – Museo Bardini, via dei Renai 37

The “Sala della Carità” is named after an important statue by Tino di Camaino that depicts charity.

It is one of the most beautiful rooms in the museum that was created at the end of the eighteenth century by the great antiquarian Stefano Bardini.

The museum houses over 3600 pieces of diverse and interesting nature, from bronze statues like the “Cinghiale” (known as ‘il Porcellino’) by Pietro Tacca and the “Diavolino” by Giambologna to pieces by artists like Donatello, Pollaiolo, Tintoretto, Guercino and Tiepolo, as well as precious glazed terracottas by the Della Robbia, an armory room, an impressive carpet collection and the beautiful “Sala del Crocifisso”.

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