The hilltop medieval town of Certaldo has always been one of the favourite destinations of history lovers, who enjoy the stroll with a taste of the Middle Ages through the old town centre boasting unique features. Originally an Etruscan settlement, Certaldo owes its name to the former appearance of the hill on which it stands. The most important monument in Certaldo was Palazzo Pretorio, the former home of the Alberti counts, which was erected in the late 12th century on the remains of this family’s older dwellings.

Certaldo is still confirmed itself one of the leading wedding destinations in the Tuscany Region with a 5.6% in 2018. For this reason the Municipality of Certaldo Tourism Department have developed a territorial marketing project called Certaldo Wedding, in collaboration with companies and professional operators of the territory who work in the field of marriage events and related services. Find out more here!

  • Sala della Giunta Comunale – Piazza Boccaccio;
  • Sala del Consiglio Comunale – Via 2 Giugno;
  • Palazzo Pretorio – Certaldo Alto, Piazzetta del Vicariato;
  • Palazzo Giannozzi e terrazza ammattonata (Belvedere Calindri)
  • Palazzo Pretorio, Chiesa sconsacrata S. Tommaso e Prospero
  • Palazzo Pretorio, Sala del Vicario