Capannoli, Pisa

The town of Capannoli, of medieval origins, is found on the slope of the hill which overlooks the surrounding valley. Being in an ancient location of great importance, Capannoli was originally developed to be a fortified village and then grew as a centre for trade. The view around the town is the hills of Pisa and the Valdera, noteworthy for their vineyards, olive groves and orchards.

Villa Baciocchi

Salone Nobile: Year-round – 100 people

Saletta degli Affreschi: Year-round – 30 people

Parco Villa Baciocchi: Spring-summer – Unlimited

Gazebo degli Innamorati, Santo Pietro Belvedere

Gazebo degli Innamorati: spring-summer – 10/20 people

Parco della Castellina, Santo Pietro Belvedere: spring-summer – 40/50 people

Saletta degli Affreschi –  Villa Baciocchi

Saletta degli Affreschi: Year-round – 30 people